Sell/trade-in your watch

Sell your watch to 10 over 10

Step 1- Offering your watch to 10 over 10

At 10 over 10 we are always looking for vintage Rolex, Omega, Cartier and Tudor watches. With our purchasing policy, we are discerning and therefore only accept watches that are in excellent condition, meet our quality standards and fit within our collection. Do you own such a model and are you interested in selling? Contact us through the contact form below or through Whatsapp: +31 6 83 82 07 10.

Step 2 - Sending your watch
If the watch meets all quality requirements and fits within 10 over 10's collection, we will look together for an suitable sale/trade-in price. After that, you can send the watch to us together with the purchase statement. When we have received the watch, we will send you a confirmation.

Step 3 - Inspection of your watch
After receiving your watch, it will undergo an inspection by our watchmaker. It will be checked for condition, originality, completeness and the watch's functionality.

Step 4 - You will receive the agreed amount
When the watch has passed our inspection you will receive the agreed amount directly on your account. If a trade-in transaction is made, your new purchase will be sent to you insured.

Details of your watch
We kindly ask you to answer the details below in the contact form or on Whatsapp.

We will contact you within 24 hours

Box/Papers Yes/No:
Proof of purchase Yes/oe:
Proposed price:
Additional information: 

We kindly ask you to send the images to: +31 6 83 82 07 10 
*Front side
*Side + crown
*Back case
*Bracelet stretch
*Clasp of the bracelet
*Watch serial number (if possible)
*Watch reference number (if possible)
*Box (if available)
*Documentation and other accessories (if available)
*Proof of purchase (if available)