About us

About 10 over 10
10 over 10 finds its roots in a lifelong passion for exclusive watches. Craftsmanship, quality and Swiss precision all share first place at 10 over 10! All our watches are carefully selected on condition and quality.

For Jordy, there is no greater moment than witnessing someone purchase their first luxury watch, or seeing someone expand their collection. 10 over 10's goal is to be a part of these special moments.

About Jordy
During Jordy's youth a passion started to blossom. This was not, as one might expect, a passion for a beautiful lady, but for watches! His newfound love did not come out of nowhere. By watching his grandfather pick out a watch and wind it to start a new day, Jordy became fascinated by the smallest details at a young age. For his fifth birthday, Jordy was allowed to pick out his first very own watch. Later on his interest in the world of watches grew quickly, and Jordy quickly found himself learning more about watchmaking, and specialising in specific models and brands. Over the years, Jordy developed his own tastes and a love for exclusive Swiss vintage watches blossomed. He started his own collection with the purchase of an Omega Speedmaster and, a little while later, a Rolex Datejust. Jordy quickly developed an eye for the smallest details, Swiss perfection and quality.

Whenever Jordy would come across a stranger with an interesting watch, he would immediately start a conversation to learn more about its origins, wearer and meaning. When he was around friends and family, conversation would quickly turn to watchmaking. It therefore did not take long for him to infect others with the watchvirus. During his study of Entrepreneurship & Retailmanagement Jordy would, every now and then, sell luxury watches to his friends and acquaintances, and gained a small clientele in doing so. This was the first step towards founding 10 over 10.

To protect our buyers and ensure quality and originality, 10 over 10 exclusively purchases from reliable sellers and relations. All our watches are individually and carefully selected, and only purchased when they meet our quality requirements.

As soon as a watch is purchased by 10 over 10, it is fully checked and tested by a professional watchmaker to ensure that the watch meets all standards. If necessary, the watch will be provided with a complete service. Maintaining originality and ensuring longevity are central to this process.

Only when a watch meets our standards of quality it is photographed and published to our website.

Once a watch is purchased, it will be shipped to you in safe packaging. All our shipments are insured, so that both you and 10 over 10 are protected. We will keep you posted about the status of your shipment through e-mail, up until the moment you recieve your package.

After you have recieved the watch, we would love to stay in touch and hear from you. It is extremely important to us that your new watch meets all your demands. 10 over 10 also offers repairs and maintainance, so that your watch recieves the correct care. Click here for more information.

Contact us in case you have any questions:

- Call us: +31 6 83 82 07 10
- Mail us: info@10-over-10.com
- Use our chatfunction

We will contact you within 24 hours. We aim to respond within a few minutes.