Must de Cartier Tank 'Lemon Dial' + Box (small size)
Must de Cartier Tank lemon dial
Must de Cartier Tank 'Lemon Dial' + Box (small size)
Must de Cartier Tank lemon dial
Must de Cartier Tank 'Lemon Dial' + Box (small size)
Must de Cartier Tank lemon dial

Must de Cartier Tank 'Lemon Dial' + Box (small size)

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Must de Cartier Tank 'Ivory Lemon Dial'

The 'Must de Cartier' Tank watch, introduced in the 1970s, is a specific variant of the Cartier Tank. The model is distinguished by the 'Must de Cartier' inscription on the dial.

The term 'Must de Cartier' was used as a brand name and marketing strategy to increase the accessibility of Cartier products. It was a way for Cartier to offer watches and accessories at a more affordable price while remaining true to the high quality standards and distinctive design of Cartier.

The 'Must de Cartier' Tank watch was a great success and became highly popular in the 1970s. The model retained the classic rectangular design of the original Cartier Tank and was manufactured in various versions, including steel, gold-plated, and with a choice of different dial variants.

This Must de Cartier Tank features a fresh lime-coloured dial, which explains the name 'lemon dial'. Underneath the 18K gold plated case which is still in nice condition, you will find the reliable ETA-2512 movement which has been serviced. This beautiful vintage ladies Cartier Tank has some light user marks on the case and slightly on the glass (which are slightly to hardly visible in real life). We have chosen to keep the watch in its original condition. This fresh Must de Cartier Tank is fitted with a new dark brown leather strap which perfectly matches the gold case and lime-coloured dial. The strap also features a new original gold Cartier buckle. The watch comes with the original Must de Cartier box and 1-year mechanical warranty from 10 over 10.

What you need to know:
- Ivory lemon dial
- 18K gold-plated yellow gold case in nice condition with light user marks
- Size 20 x 27 mm (small version for ladies)
- Blue cabochon crown
- New leather strap
- Original gold Cartier buckle 
- Red Must de Cartier box (slight discolouration on the back)
- Fully serviced
- 1 year warranty 
- Free insured EU shipping

Cartier Tank

Cartier Tank The Cartier Tank watch is one of the most iconic timepieces in the history of haute horlogerie. The Tank was first introduced in 1917 and quickly became a timeless symbol of style and elegance.

The story behind the Cartier Tank watch begins with Louis Cartier, the founder of Cartier. He was inspired by the tanks used during World War I. The sleek lines and shapes of the tanks piqued his interest, and he decided to translate them into a watch design.

In 1917, the first Cartier Tank watch was introduced. The model distinguished itself with its rectangular case with rounded corners, reminiscent of the shape of a tank. The Tank featured a simple dial with Roman numerals and blue steel hands. It was a radical design for its time, as most watches of that era had round cases.

The Cartier Tank watch quickly gained popularity among the high society and celebrities, including style icons like Jacqueline Kennedy, Andy Warhol, and Princess Diana. The watch was considered a symbol of refinement and class.



Cartier (Must de)






80's (approximately)












20 x 27 mm

Case material

18K yellow gold plated

Bezel material

18K yellow gold plated








Material clasp

18K yellow gold plated (Cartier)

Material bracelet

Leather (lizard)

Colour bracelet

Dark brown